We are VERY lucky the restaurant choice is obvious

Two years the restaurant has been closed, and the process being used by the GM and a couple of Board members to make a decision seemed doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Three proposals from the 9 invitees

Click this link for the PDF of the spreadsheet¬†below. It’ll show you my very quick review of the responses, but the decision is, frankly, a no brainer.

Recommended Proposal: Village Pub

The Village Pub offers the only opportunity for a successful enterprise. They have accepted all the risk because they are confident in their model and the effectiveness of their marketing. They will put up $750,000-$1 million to  the cost of renovating the facility for their use. They have a solid, tested program, and would pay $3,000/mo. rent.

Best of all – they expect to only need to meet with management once a year. This inspires true confidence that the GM and the Board would stay out of their business and let them succeed here like they have elsewhere.
G2G Proposal

I was turned off immediately by the first paragraph.

“The Club”…is also reflective of the Country Club style restaurant we have been discussing with you for a year.

The GM’s interaction with one vendor bodes ill for an arms-length transaction. It also totally chaps my hide because when I was on the Board, the GM would not work with me on the restaurant as she only favored working with Tom Nissen and Forrest Quinn, Board members who “treat her right.” When I told them I had heard that they were meeting separately and playing golf with one of the potential vendors for the restaurant lease, they blew me off:

You are not authorized to be work on the restaurant even though you are a Board member. The GM is in charge, and Rex did not put you on our little Restaurant Space Board Work Group. Thank you very much, but no thanks.

Your concerns about our cozying up to one competitor are just silly. We don’t think we are creating a biased or inadequate selection process that creates future problems and conflicts of interest. Therefore, we’re not. So go away. Your comments have been duly noted and round filed.

Given this personal context, I’m sure you’ll see that it was hard for me to look favorably on G2G who, from all appearances, had a leg up. So, I’ll let his proposal speak for itself.

Annie’s Gourmet Proposal

Annie’s is a very small operation, and selecting Annie’s would present SCA with an unacceptably high level of risk with a promise of considerably less reward than we could get from the Village Pub.

Remodel for alternate use of the space

Table this. Save the money that would have to be invested in remodeling. Save the time that would be sent in further dithering.

Let us have a restaurant that people like and can afford and that owners don’t have to subsidize.

If the Village Pub pays up to $1 million for their own renovation and setup, doesn’t rely on SCA for any marketing support, pays $3,000/month, and runs a business like they are running in 13 other successful locations in the valley.

Don’t interfere with their business. Let them do it. They know how.

Save owners the $4,000/month we are wasting while the GM dithers.






6 thoughts on “We are VERY lucky the restaurant choice is obvious”

  1. Richard Inglefield

    The Village Pub is simply the runt of the Cracker Barrel/Bob Evans/Paula Deen litter.
    Easy on your wallet = Hard on your heart = Disastrous on your waistline (go figure).
    Nobody ever walked into an ‘old folks home’ on their own after eating (gorging) there.
    Why are we so dead set on having an amenity that so few want, and fewer will support?
    I don’t know anybody in SCA waking up in the morning looking for another lost cause.
    Enough is enough already; if we must have a restaurant, run it like a country club and charge those who want the ?privilege? to pay a membership fee and monthly dues.
    That should separate the wheat from the chaff as those who want it will pay for it.

  2. Among the three choices presented, I agree with Nona. But why do we need a Village Pub here? There’s already one a short way down Eastern Avenue. Those of us who like the Village Pub might rather go to a location that they are already familiar with. On the other hand, we might be taking business from Village Pub’s other location, which doesn’t benefit them.

    I have been living here for almost thirteen years and have seen restaurants come and go. I don’t think this community will support a restaurant regardless of it’s business model. There’s too many eating choices nearby.


    We don’t need another restaurant failure.

  3. VILLAGE PUB, according to them has a large following…. I am not sure I want them following up here. Secondly, I am equally convinced that we do NOT want gaming as part of our community. Thirdly, do we really need a restaurant here at all….Buckmans has a very nice and more than adequate restaurant….Food places surround us, including Village Pub,
    what is gained by another Pub or Restaurant? The Center Is wonderfully nice and comfortable….why draw another
    restaurants clientele into our mist….do we really need food that badly….and are we so deprived of gaming options that we need more in our midst? The space is beautiful
    and should be used….a social use where community residents can meet and socialize with liquor….in a safe and friendly setting….perhaps with small plate unique dinning….perhaps a Big
    Screen TV setting for sports enthusiasts,
    music…nice setting to take advantage of the extraordinary view….both inside and outside….dancing….special event night’s.
    How many times are we going to restaurantize this space ….. before we recognize that a restaurant rodent work.
    Remember the definition of insanity…and hoping for a different result.

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