SCA-waterfall Welcome to SCAstrong.com, my new blog site in honor of my 116 days of service on the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors.

Why I set up SCAstrong.com

Before I got booted off the Board on August 24, 2017, my concept of this website was to improve owner relations and to develop a strategic vision and plan like www.HendersonStrong.org. However, that PollyAnna has left the building. Now, a sadder, but wiser, gal is talking and my new purpose is:
  • To show how owners are paying for the expensive ride the GM & attorney have taken us on by duping the Board into following instead of leading.
  • To restore my reputation to its former glory.
  • To get the Board members & bloggers out of power that are hurting us, dividing us, and are treating some of us a lot better than others.
  • To develop new leaders who have their heads on straight & who haven’t had the fire in the belly kicked out of them yet.

Hot Button Issues examined in blog posts

  • The cost of the failed 2017 removal election of four Directors which was made 10 times higher than it would have been by the GM and attorney usurping the role of the SCA Election Committee against the wishes of the petitioners
  • Huge expenditure of unbudgeted association funds for legal fees – tripe the budget since Adam Clarkson started
  • 2017 Vote of no Confidence Petition against the General Manager
  • Unlawful actions by the SCA Board and management
  • Concealing and falsifying the official SCA records
  • Excessive management compensation
  • Eviction of the Foundation Assisting Seniors

What you’ll learn from blog posts on SCAstrong.com

  • What I’m doing about being illegally kicked off the Sun City Anthem Board just 116 days after 2,001 homeowners voted me onto the Board and two weeks after 825 owners called for a removal election to get rid of four of the other Directors.
  • Why those 825 homeowners signed petitions to remove four Board members: Rex Weddle, Aletta Waterhouse, Tom Nissen & Bob Burch.
  • Why 2,501 homeowners need to VOTE in the removal election scheduled for October 2nd – 20th, 2017.
  • Why all SCA homeowners need to take action to stop being taken for a very expensive ride by:
    • A Board that makes decisions over 50% of the time in secret
    • A General Manager who is paid more than $100,000 over market, 
    • An unnecessary Community Association Manager who does not protect homeowners (so, why do we need two managers?), and 
    • An attorney who has billed three times the budgeted amount – to stop me from being a whistle-blower, to evict the Foundation Assisting Seniors, and to overly protect management.

Why should you care?

  • If the Board is not fair to one, the system is not fair to all.
  • Six members of the board abused their power by making the decision to kick me off in secret without a hearing and without a membership vote.
  • Those same six Directors  evicted the Foundation Assisting Seniors in the same sneaky and unfair way.
  • What you need to care about is how to stop these people from trampling on all of our rights.

Somethings to think about…

The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of worse men. –Plato Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. – Benjamin Franklin

Next steps…

Get involved. Get informed. Go to an SCA Board meeting. Ask questions. Speak up. Sign-up for the SCA Strong e-newsletter and share this information. Thank you for taking the time to get involved and informed!