Nationstar got summary judgment to quiet title with no filed title claim

1/11/16 Nationstar started by filing to quiet title vs. the wrong buyer.

Opportunity Homes LLC was disinterested. Two others had recorded deeds on 6/9/15

1/11/16 Nationstar also lied about how it became the beneficiary of the 1st deed of trust that was extinguished by the 8/15/14 HOA foreclosure sale.

Jimijack somehow already had a default judgment by suing disinterested Bank of America.

How could that happen?

There were TWO banks with recorded claims that BANA gave its beneficial interest to it:

9/9/14 BANA recorded it assigned its interest, if any, to Wells Fargo on 8/21/14

12/1/14 Nationstar recorded it had BANA’s unrecorded power of attorney to assign BANA’s interest, if any, to itself on 10/23/14

Nationstar didn’t file any claims against me as the trustee of the Gordon B. Hansen Trust or as an individual .

Nationstar got summary judgment by claiming BANA gifted the $389,000 loan balance to it 3 months after BANA gifted it to Wells Fargo immediately after it was extinguished by the HOA foreclosure.

How did that happen?

Neither Jimijack nor Nationstar nor the HOA have any filed claims but all got summary judgment by getting my claims precluded and my evidence stricken and their fraud undetected

Nationstar quietly dismissed all its filed claims without adjudication on 2/20/19, 3/12/19, 4/23/19, and 5/31/19

Nationstar covertly recorded a rescission of its claim to be BANA’s successor in interest

Nationstar’s attorney and Jimijack’s attorney told the judge to ignore all my evidence because I wasn’t really a party

Hong concealed from the court Jimijack covertly dumped its inadmissible deed

Joel Stokes encumbered the property with $355,000 CVS loan to launder Nationstar’s pay off for releasing the lien of the 1st DOT

Nationstar’s attorneys knew that Nationstar rescinded its claim that got its 2/12/19 joinder granted and knew its 3/8/19 claim recorded after discovery ended was fraudulently executed by a robosigner

Nationstar’s attorneys knew the PUD Rider prohibited turning the rejection of assessments into a de facto foreclosure and that’s what they were doing by this trick

Akerman still went all in two days before the trial with the quid pro quo

None of the elements for quiet title were met at the 6/5/19 trial as no party was at the trial who had any interest in the title to protect, and all documentary evidence was unfairly excluded.

The necessary elements of a declaratory relief or quiet title claim are as follows:

(1) there must exist a justiciable controversy; that is to say, a controversy in which a claim of right is asserted against one who has an interest in contesting it; 

(2) the controversy must be between persons whose interests are adverse;

(3) the party seeking declaratory relief must have a legal interest in the controversy, that is to say, a legally protectable interest; and

(4) the issue involved in the controversy must be ripe for judicial determination.

Kress v. Corey, 189 P.2d 352, 364 (Nev. 1948)

The elements for a claim of quiet title were NOT met in the 1st action.

No claims were properly adjudicated based on judicial scrutiny of verified evidence supporting claims by parties with STANDING.

1. Action may be brought by any person against another who claims an estate or interest in real property, adverse to him, for the purpose of determining such adverse claims. NRS 40.010;2. Complaint must be verified. NRS 40.090-1;

3. Summons must be issued within one year of filing the complaint and served per NRCP. NRS 40.100-1;

4. Lis Pendens must be filed with the county recorder within 10 days of filing of the complaint. NRS 40.090-3;

5. Copy of the Summons must be posted on the property within 30 days after the summons is issued, and an affidavit of posting must be filed with the court. NRS 40.100-2;

6. Disclaimer must be filed. NRS 40.020;

7. Affidavit to unknown heirs must be filed. NRS 14.040(3);

8. Court must hold a hearing on the evidence in order to issue judgment. NRS 40.110(1)

9. Quiet title may not be obtained through default judgment. NRS 40.110(1); and

10. Record a certified copy of the judgment quieting title. NRS 247.120(0).

Nevertheless, the 6/24/19 order misrepresented that the decision to quiet title met the elements.

What Is The Difference Between A Mortgage And A Deed of Trust?

When a borrower signs a promissory note, he is agreeing to pay the lender a specific amount of money according to certain conditions. In order for the lender to protect his interests, he will require that the borrower sign a mortgage or similar security instrument in favor of the lender. This may be in the form of a mortgage or a deed of trust. Whichever document is used, the purpose of both types of documents is to secure the note and offer protection to the lender.

Depending on where the property is located, state law will determine which type of security instrument must be used. In title theory states, a mortgage is used and it conveys ownership to the lender. A clause in the mortgage provides that title reverts back to the borrower when the loan is paid. In lien theory states, the mortgage creates a lien only on the property and the title remains with the borrower. The lien is removed when all the payments have been made.

Some states are considered modified lien theory states and in these states the title remains with the borrower, but the lender may take title to the property if the borrower defaults.

The basic difference between the mortgage as a security instrument and a Deed of Trust is that in a Deed of Trust there are three parties involved, the borrower, the lender, and a trustee, whereas in a mortgage document there are only two parties involved, the borrower and the lender. In a Deed of Trust, the borrower conveys title to a trustee who will hold title to the property for the benefit of the lender. The title remains in trust until the loan is paid.

Often a title company, escrow company or bank, is listed as the trustee on the Deed of Trust. When the loan has been paid, the trustee will issue a release deed or trustee’s reconveyance deed. This deed of reconveyance should be recorded at the county recorder’s office, to make public notice that the loan has been paid and that the lender’s interest in the property has ended.

Another difference between a mortgage and a deed of trust is the manner in which foreclosure proceedings take place. State law will determine the method of foreclosure which must be used. Generally, the rules when using a Deed of Trust allow for a faster foreclosure time than with a judicial foreclosure required with a mortgage. Under a Deed of Trust, when the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender delivers the Deed of Trust to the trustee, who then is instructed to sell the property.

After proper notices have been posted and rules are followed, the property is sold at a trustee’s sale and the loan is paid. Be careful not to confuse a deed, which conveys title and is evidence of ownership to property, with a Deed of Trust, which is a means of securing a note and providing for foreclosure proceedings.

Due process is required before a person’s property can be confiscated

Excerpt from page 2 of Nationtar’s 5/10/16 filing into A-15-720032-C

Note that Nationatar’s 12/1/14 claim that it had acquired Bank of America’s interest in the Hansen deed of trust was fraudulent and Nationstar rescinded it on 3/8/19. Nationstar did not have a recorded claim to the Hansen deed of trust until one week after discovery ended, and that 3/8/19 claim was fraudulent as well.

According to Nationstar’s attorneys, Nona Tobin is NOT entitled to due process before her property was confiscated by Nationstar whose claims were all fraudulent.

Link to “Whatever happened to “equal protection under the law“?

Nationstar Mortgage’s Fraud

What is the dispute with Nationstar?

The dispute is over a $436,000 Western Thrift & Loan Deed of Trust (DOT) executed by Gordon Hansen on 7/15/04. Nationstar serviced the loan beginning on 12/1/13 on behalf of an investor NSM refused to identify.

On 12/1/14, Nationstar recorded a claim that Nationstar was owed the $389,000 balance that remained outstanding after the borrowerʼs death.

Link to Nationstar’s 12/1/14 claim
Link to Nationstar’s 3/8/19 rescission of its 12/1/14 claim

That Nationstar rescinded its provably false, opportunistic claim didn’t stop Nationstar from stealing a house for a debt it was not owed. 

Laws implicated when considering appropriate sanctions for Nationstar and its attorneys


  1. NRS 205.330  Fraudulent conveyances.  
  2. NRS 205.372  Mortgage lending fraud; penalties; civil action.
  3. NRS 205.377  Multiple transactions involving fraud or deceit in course of enterprise or occupation; penalty.
  4. NRS 205.380  Obtaining money, property, rent or labor by false pretenses.
  5. NRS 205.395  False representation concerning title; penalties; civil action.
  6.  NRS 205.405  Falsifying accounts.  
  7. Racketeering
  8. NRS 207.360       “Crime related to racketeering” defined.
  9. NRS 207.400       Unlawful acts; penalties.
  10. NRS 207.470       actions for damages resulting from racketeering.
  11. NRS 207.480  Order of court upon determination of civil liability.  
  12. NRS 207.520           Limitation of actions.


  1. NRS 40.050  Mortgage not deemed conveyance.  
  2. PUD Rider F. Remedies

Attorney sanctions


(b) Representations to the Court. By presenting to the court a pleading, written motion, or other paper — whether by signing, filing, submitting, or later advocating it — an attorney or unrepresented party certifies that to the best of the person’s knowledge, information, and belief, formed after an inquiry reasonable under the circumstances:

(1) it is not being presented for any improper purpose, such as to harass, cause unnecessary delay, or needlessly increase the cost of litigation;

(2) the claims, defenses, and other legal contentions are warranted by existing law or by a nonfrivolous argument for extending, modifying, or reversing existing law or for establishing new law;

(3) the factual contentions have evidentiary support or, if specifically so identified, will likely have evidentiary support after a reasonable opportunity for further investigation or discovery; and

(4) the denials of factual contentions are warranted on the evidence or, if specifically so identified, are reasonably based on belief or a lack of information.

Link to Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct

No bank foreclosure was ever initiated on the Hansen deed of trust. Nationstar just stole it.

Neither servicing bank, (Nationstar succeeded Bank of America as servicing on 12/1/13) foreclosed on the Hansen DOT even though it was in default after Hansen died on 1/14/12.

Had Nationstar been the beneficiary of the DOT, it would have foreclosed or collected the debt by allowing the property to be sold at fair market value. NSM did not record a notice of default on the Hansen DOT.

Nationstar did not allow the property to be sold to MZK for $367,500 on 5/8/14. Nationstar did not complain when RRFS rejected its 5/28/14 super-priority offer of $1100 to close the MZK escrow.

Nationstar allowed the property to be sold for $63,100 while a $358,800 was pending lender approval .

Then, three months after the HOA foreclosed to collect $2,000 in delinquent HOA dues, NSM claimed that Bank of America gave NSM the Hansen DOT on 10/23/14. 

Nationstar recorded and filed false claims and dismissed all its claims without adjudication

Link to Plaintiff Nationstar’s 1/11/16 complaint

Link to Nationstar’s 2/20/19 stipulation to dismiss its claims
Link to Nationstar’s 4/12/16 motion to substitute as real party in interest, set aside default and intervene

Link to Nationstar’s only other filed claims: 6/2/16 AACC claims against Jimijack

Link to Counter-claimant Nationstar’s 5/31/19 stipulation to dismiss its 6/2/16 claims

Nationstar did not file any claims against Nona Tobin or against the Hansen Trust

Nationstar never refuted any of the claims Nona Tobin asserted against Nationstar, but got away with it by lying to the court

Link to 4/10/19 Nona Tobin opposition to Nationstar’s motion for summary judgment vs Jimijack and motions for summary judgment that was stricken from the record unheard due to Nationstar’s attorney Melanie Morgan’s ex parte misrepresentations to Judge Kishner
Link to 4/17/19 Nona Tobin reply in support of joinder to Nationstar’s motion for summary judgment vs Jimijack and motions for summary judgment that was stricken from the record unheard due to Nationstar’s attorney Melanie Morgan’s ex parte misrepresentations to Judge Kishner
Link to 7/22/19 Nona Tobin motion for a new trial pursuant to NRCP (b) and NRCP 59(a)(1)(A)(B)(C)(F) that was stricken from the record unheard due to ALL opposing counsels’ misrepresentations to Judge Kishner
Link to 7/29/19 Nona Tobin motion to dismiss Judge Kishner’s orders for lack of jurisdiction for Nationstar’s and Jimijack’s noncompliance with NRS 38.310 that was stricken from the record unheard due to ALL opposing counsels’ misrepresentations to Judge Kishner
Link to unheard 4/24/19 MVAC & MSJ Nona Tobin motion to vacate Judge Kishner’s 4/18/19 order that granted Nationstar’s limited joinder to the HOA’s unwarranted motion for summary judgment pursuant to NRCP 60(b)(3) fraud on the court and motion for summary judgment vs. all parties that languishes on the record unheard due to ALL opposing counsels’ misrepresentations to Judge Kishner about Nona Tobin’s right to represent herself.

Nationstar prevailed despite ALL declarations under penalty of perjury support Nona Tobin and not Nationstar, by tricking the court into ignoring all the evidence, such as…



Exhibit “1”; April 20, 2019 Tobin declaration
Exhibit “2”May 11, 2018 and May 13, 2019 Leidy declaration
Exhibit “3” May 20, 2019 Proudfit declaration
Exhibit “4″ Resident Transaction Reports for 2763 White Sage 2664 Olivia Heights
Exhibit “5” No valid Board authorization for sale
Exhibit “6” Proposed Findings of Fact
Exhibit “7” Authenticated OMBUDSMAN NOS records for 17 foreclosures
Exhibit “8” 2nd NOS for two sales but not for 2763
Exhibit “9” March 22, 2019 Tobin DECL opposing NSM MSJ vs. Jimijack
Exhibit “10” April 12, 2019 MSJ v. Jimijack

No affidavits support Nationstar’s claims, but so what?

In its 3/27/17 OMSJ, Nationstar claimed that on 12/1/14 Wells Fargo had given NSM the DOT. This was supported by a duplicitous declaration regarding business records.

Link to 3/8/19 Nationstar rescission of its 12/1/14 claim that Bank of America assigned its interest to Nationstar

Link to 3/8/19 Nationstar claim Wells Fargo assigned its interest to Nationstar

In February 2019, Nationstar refused to produce any documents in response to Tobinʼs RFDs and interrogatories to prove any of its claims.

On 3/8/19, Nationstar recorded that it rescinded its 12/1/14 claim that it got its interest from Bank of America, and then two hours later recorded that it had Wells Fargoʼs undisclosed power of attorney to give Nationstar the authority to assign Wells Fargoʼs non-existent interest to Nationstar. 

Nationstar produced no proof that it owned the Hansen DOT during two lawsuits over the validity of the HOA sale.

All the evidence Nationstar entered into the record actually proved the opposite, but it was never subjected to judicial scrutiny Nationstar.

The real owner of the Hansen DOT would have supported Tobinʼs efforts to void the sale so the DOT would not have survived as it the sale had never happened.

Tobin and Nationstar were initially aligned to get the court to void the HOA sale until Nationstar learned that it would be impossible to foreclose on Tobin since Tobin had put it into the record that she had documents that could prove NATIONSTAR did not have the standing to foreclose.

Nationstarʼs covert deal with Joel Stokes was solely to prevent the Court from conducting an evidentiary hearing that would have exposed the inconvenient truth that neither Nationstar nor Stokes could prove their claims.

Nationstar was excused from trial by saying all claims had been resolved by Nationstar-Jimiack settlement.

Link to Nationstar-Jimijack “settlement which was really a $355,000 deal between Civic Financial services and Joel Stokes

The HOA wrongly foreclosed, but not without Nationstarʼs assistance.

The banks could have stopped the HOA from foreclosing by recording a Notice of Default (NRS 116.31162(6)).

The HOA sale should have been cancelled when BANAʼs agent tendered $825 on 5/9/13 to cure the nine months that were then delinquent.

The HOA sale would have been avoided if the serving banks had not prevented four escrows from closing as escrows instructions were to pay the HOA whatever it demanded.

The HOA sale would have been avoided if Nationstar had not rejected the 5/8/14 $367,500 sale to MZK Properties.

Nationstar, the servicing bank that is supposed to be a fiduciary, acting on behalf of the investor, turned a blind eye to an 8/15/14 HOA sale for 18% of the $367,500 sale price that Nationstar had just rejected.

NATIONSTAR does not hold the original Hansen promissory note.

NSM 258-259 is a COPY of the Hansen promissory note that Nationstar entered into the record to trick the Court.

NSM does not have Hansenʼs original note, but NSM tried to conceal that fact by disclosing a COPY in NSM 258

NRS 52.235 “Original required. To prove the content of a writing, recording or photograph, the original writing, recording or photograph is required, except as otherwise provided in this title.”

NSM 260 shows no endorsement of Hansenʼs note to Nationstar or to ANY of the lenderʼs NSM claims assigned the note to Nationstar. 
3/27/17 NSM filed a DECL that misrepresents its servicing bank record to deceive the court that NSM had no proof it owned the DOT 

All Nationstar’s and Bank of America’s recorded actions affecting the Hansen deed of trust are fraudulent

All Nationstar’s disclosures in discovery were deceptive and fraudulent

Link to 12/26/18 Nona Tobin’s statement of claims vs Nationstar
Link to 2/9/18 Nationstar Individual Case Conference Report and initial disclosures
Link to 2/7/19 Nationstar 1st supplemental disclosures
Link to 2/12/19 Nationstar 2nd supplemental disclosures
Link to 2/27/19 Nationstar 3rd supplemental disclosures
Link to 3/12/19 Nationstar 4th supplemental disclosures (served two weeks after discovery ended on 2/28/19)

Nationstar refused to produce any documents requested in discovery

Link to 2/21/19 Nationstar response to Nona Tobin’s request for documents
Link to 2/21/19 Nationstar response to Nona Tobin’s interrogatories
Link to 2/28/19 Nationstar 1st supplemental response to Nona Tobin’s request for documents
Link to 2/28/19 Nationstar 1st supplemental response to Nona Tobin’s interrogatories

Wells Fargo did not assign anything to Nationstar.

Page 7 is Morgan’s totally deceptive ploy to obfuscate the fact that Nationstar has no valid claim to be the beneficiary.

Servicing banks (those that handle the paperwork on behalf of the “beneficiary” who is the investor to whom the debt is actually owed).

The dispute with Nationstar is not because Nationstar wrongly foreclosed on the Hansen deed of trust.

The dispute is caused by:

  1. Both BANA & Nationstar obstructing multiple fair market value, arms-length sales, approved by the Hansen Estate.
  2. Nationstar’s letting the HOA foreclose without notice for 18% of the $367,500 sale that Nationstar had just rejected, and then
  3. After the Hansen DOT was extinguished by the HOA foreclosure, Nationstar lied on the record about being owed the $389,000 outstanding balance on Hansenʼs DOT.
  4. According to NRS 107.28, (2.) A trustee under a deed of trust must not be the beneficiary of the deed of trust for the purposes of exercising the power of sale pursuant to NRS 107.080, but Nationstar claimed to be both the beneficiary and the trustee – when it was neither – and reconveyed the property to Joel Stokes on 6/3/19 to steal the house from Nona Tobin
  5. The Clark County Recorderʼs Office Property Record shows NSM began recording conflicting claims on 12/1/14, more than three months after the HOA sale.
  6. Nationstar lied in its 1/11/16 complaint to say that some unspecified entity had assigned its interest to Nationstar on 2/4/11
  7. BANA & NSM recorded 11 claims regarding the Hansen DOT, but neither ever recorded a Notice of Default, the mandatory condition precedent to the trusteeʼs executing the power of sale on behalf of the beneficiary.
  8. No bank has the right to confiscate a property without foreclosing by following the notice and due process steps defined in NRS 107.080, as amneded by AB 284 (21011), Nevada’s anti-foreclosure fraud law.
Link to Nationstar’s former attorney Robin Wright’s white paper on the affidavit requirements of AB 284 (2011)
Link to ANTI-FORECLOSURE FRAUD LAW AB 284 (2011) and legislative digest

1st complaint to the Nevada Attorney General & exhibits

Links to Exhibits to 3/14/19 complaint to the NV Attorney General

2011               Certified fraud examiner Amicus curiae MA Supreme Court

7/15/2004      Western Thrift Deed of Trust

7/15/2004      COPY of GBH note NSM 258-260

5/14/2008      10 SCA bylaws 3.20/3.18abefgi prohibits BOD delegation

3/11/2011      2011 anti-foreclosure fraud law AB 284 

10/1/2011      NV 2011 Legislative Digest re AB 284 changes

2/1/2012        2012 National Mortgage Settlement

4/12/2012      Recorded DOT assign to BANA

8/8/2012        6 Sparkman RPA $310K

8/10/2012      Tobin counter to require lender to pay seller costs

8/10/2012      7 BANA short sale addendum

8/11/2012      8 Tobin re lender is seller

9/17/2012      9 SCA MSJ exhibit 3 re intent to lien SCA628

9/20/2012      5 Hearing Notice Sanction 4 Delinquent Assessments

10/3/2012      4 Tobin letter 2 SCA w/ 8/17/12 chk 143 + death cert

1/27/2013      BANA confusion over DOT – misc docs

6/5/2013        HUD-1 draft showing $3055.47 due to HOA out of escrow

6/19/2013      Proudfit 2 Ticor: BANA rejected buyer

12/31/2013    Mortgage transfer disclosure requirements

7/1/2014        Leidy-Tobin emails 7/24/14 through 10/24/14

7/22/2014      11 SCA 280-280 BOD denial of fee waiver request

8/21/2014      RRFS trust account check $57,282.32 to CC District court

9/9/2014        BANA recorded 8/21/14 assignment to Wells Fargo

9/25/2014      2 Res Trans Rpt 1336-7 GBH 2 Jimijack

12/1/2014      NS recorded 10/23/14 assignment to itself as BANA’s “attorney-in-fact”

3/12/2015      WF recorded substitution trustee reconvey 2nd DOT 2 GBH

4/1/2015        Thomas Baynard CA bar discipline

6/9/2015        Recorded OpHomes 2 F.Bondurant 6/4/15 quit claim

6/9/2015        3 Quit claim to Jimijack -Yuen Lee signed as T Lucas

1/13/2016      NS Lis Pendens re A-730078-C

4/1/2016        Unrecorded WF power of attorney NSM 270-272

5/9/2016        Residential Transaction Report – 2763 White Sage

6/7/2016        NS Lis Pendens re A-720032-C

9/18/2016      Tobin letter to R-J editor  “”HOAs, foreclosures, and property rights” 

12/28/2016    Corwin notary communications

1/3/2017        Debra Batesel journal entries re 6/4/15 quit claim & RPA

3/28/2017      Recorded GBH Trust quit claim 2 Tobin

3/28/2017      Recorded Hansen Disclaimer of Interest NSM 212-217

11/5/2018      Irma Mendez affidavit re Joel Just

2/5/2019        SCA MSJ against Tobin

2/5/2019        SCAMSJ Ex5-10/8/12 receipt + false claim of 9/20 notice

2/5/2019        SCAMSJ Ex12-notices with proofs of service

2/12/2019      Joinder to the SCA motion,

2/12/2019      NS Ltd joinder 2 SCA MSJ

2/20/2019      Gmail – compare NS disclosure with my paid off note

2/20/2019      Gmail – another nail in Nationstar’s coffin

2/25/2019      NS unrecorded rescinded 10/23/14 assignment-refiled NSM 404-408

2/25/2019      NS unrecorded refile of 10/23/14 as WF attorney in fact

2/27/2019      “HOA debt collectors wield an unlawful level of power”

2/27/2019      TOC 2 Tobin disclosures

2/27/2019      Tobin 1st sup + BHHS + RRFS

3/1/2019        Hearing minutes Spanish trail A-14-710161

3/1/2019        CA SOS letter re notary complaint

3/5/2019        opposition to the SCA MSJ

3/10/2019      Tobin draft DECL OPPC NS ex 1-10

3/12/2019      CA notary violations on 4/12/12 DOT 2 BANA misc docs

8/27/2008      1 Deed GBH 2 GBH Trust

3/8/2019        Recorded rescission of 10/23/14 assignment MSN 409-411

1/17/2017       Backup for notary subpoenas- not issued

                       CA notary laws

NV Attorney General’s 3/26/19 response

What is the PUD Rider?

The P.U.D. RIDER must be enforced to protect HOA homeowners from corporate corruption.

The banks deceived the Courts about the “F. Remedies” contract term in the Planned Unit Development Rider.

This scheme isn’t just how Nationstar stole a house from me.

This is the same ploy that many, many banks have used to steal many, many houses from HOA homeowners.

It works because the HOA debt collectors conspired with the corrupt attorneys/lenders to conceal the existence of the PUUD Rider Remedies from the owners and from the courts.

Nationstar knew the PUD Rider remedy limits, but misrepresented it.

Nationstar disclosed the Hansen deed OF TRUST as NSM 141-162.

The Planned Unit Development Rider Remedies F was disclosed as NSM 160. In the 2004 Recorded documents, it is numbered 2004 021 RECORDED.

it is the featured image of this blog and it is pictured again below.

If a lender pays late HOA dues, the ONLY recovery is the amount paid with interest charged at the note rate.

PUD rider remedies f. provides that lenders are contractually authorized only to add delinquent HOA assessments to the outstanding loan balance and add interest at the note rate (here 6.25%).

Lenders are prohibited from using the tender, offer or payment of delinquent assessments, rejected or not, as a de facto foreclosure to confiscate an owner’s property without due process.

Nationstar disclosed the PUD Rider Remedies section so ignorance cannot be an excuse when Nationstar filed its duplicitous 2/12/19 joinder in order to get rid of the owner without foreclosing.

Nationstar was not ever owed Hansen’s debt

Nationstar disclosed that it does not hold the origInal note by disclosing a copy as NSM 158-160.

NSM’s copy of the note shows Nationstar, Wells Fargo and bank of Amercia are not in the chain of title of endorsements.

Criminal penalties must be applied.

All recorded assignments of the Hansen DEED OF TRUST that culminated in Nationstar reconveying the Hansen DEED OF TRUST to Joel Stokes, an individual, on 6/3/19, were false claims to title in the meaning of NRS 205.395.

Evidence in this case has been submitted to administrative enforcement agencies

Violations of NRS 205.395, NRS 207.360, and other statutes in this particular case are documented in 11/10/20 complaint to the Nevada Attorney General (See TOC of AG exhibits), 12/16/20 complaint to the Mortgage Servicing Division (See TOC 12/16/20 complaint), NCJD 2021-026,

The pattern of racketeering by financial institutions is well documented nationwide.

National banking associations’ corrupt business practices were revealed in :

The PUD Rider is just their special trick reserved for screwing HOA homeowners.