2nd complaint to the Nevada Attorney General & exhibits

Links to exhibits to 2nd complaint to the Nevada Attorney General

  1. 12/1/14 Assignment    Nationstar – no power of attorney – executed B of A to Nationstar assignment of the 7/22/04 Hansen deed of trust
  2. NSM 258-260 Nationstar disclosed it did not have the original Hansen promissory note, and the copy of the note it had was not endorsed to Nationstar
  3. 2/20/19 SODWOP      Nationstar dropped all its quiet title claims against all parties except Jimijack (1/11/16 COMP in A-16-730078-C) without adjudication or any judicial scrutiny of evidence.
  4. 2/2819 RESP Pg 6      Nationstar admitted in response to interrogatories that it was not the beneficiary of the Hansen deed of trust; it was just the servicing bank for non-party Wells Fargo who has never claimed to be the beneficiary of the Hansen deed of trust. On page 7, the verification only included that Nationstar was the servicer and was signed by a previously unknown person of unknown authority.
  5. 3/8/19 Rescission        Nationstar – no power of attorney – rescinded 12/1/14 B of A to Nationstar assignment of the 7/22/04 Hansen deed of trust which means that Nationstar had no recorded claim to give it standing to be in either cases A-15-720032-C or A-16-730078-C and is judicially estopped from claiming that it was the owner of the Hansen deed of trust during all relevant times or ever.
  6. 3/8/19 Assignment      Nationstar – no power of attorney – executed Wells Fargo to Nationstar assignment of the 7/22/04 Hansen deed of trust
  7. 3/14/19 AG 2-2019     Complaint to the AG that was allegedly served on Melanie Morgan
  8. 3/18/19 NITD Nationstar three-day notice to take default against Jimijack since Jimijack did not answer the 6/2/16 AACC
  9. 3/21/19 MSJ   Nationstar filed an MSJ against Jimijack and not against Nona Tobin, the HOA or the Gordon B Hansen Trust
  10. 4/10/19 OPP/MSJ       Tobin opposition to Nationstar’s MSJ as Nationstar did not own the beneficial interest of the Hansen deed of trust; and the HOA sale was void in its entirety so foreclosure would have to have been against Tobin for any lender; plus Jimijack’s deed was void per NRS 111.345.
  11. 4/9/19 NRS 38.310(2) Notice of completion of mediation by Tobin/Hansen Trust when neither Jimijack nor Nationstar had complied with NRS 38.310 so the court lacked jurisdiction to grant them relief sought.
  12. 4/12/19 NS      Jimijack (who didn’t have a valid deed never filed any claims against Nationstar or against Tobin or the Hansen Trust) prevailed in the quiet title case by “settling” out of court with Nationstar in a fraudulent deal that excluded Tobin and the Hansen Trust. Judge Kishner never examined any evidence to support their claims (Judge Kishner held 42 hearings, but never examined any evidence.)
  13. 4/17/19 TOC exhibits 600 pages of evidence to support Tobin’s claims that were stricken from the record unheard by bench orders at the 4/23/19 ex-parte hearing.
  14. 4/19/19 RESP Nationstar convinced the court that it was ok for Nationstar and Jimijack to settle the quiet title dispute without the court examining any evidence because Nationstar and Tobin/ Hansen trust weren’t really opposing parties.
  15. 4/23/19 NWM Nationstar dropped its motion for summary judgment against Jimijack without Jimijack filing an opposition (that Judge Kishner required to be filed by 4/26/19 on her 4/12/19 order continuing the hearing to 5/7/19and convinced Judge Kishner that was the end of the case because she had granted the HOA’s motion for summary judgment (based on no evidence) and Nationstar’s limited joinder (based on no evidence and explicitly contrary to the Hansen deed of trust PUD rider Remedies (f) (NSM 160) that prohibits the use of tender of delinquent HOA assessments as a de facto foreclosure.
  16. 4/23/19 Transcript      Nationstar & Jimijack’s attorneys, Melanie Morgan & Joseph Hong met with Judge Kishner ex-parte after serving notice that the hearing was continued on 4/15/19 (SAO) and 4/22/19 (NTSO) in order to get Nona’s pro se motions and notices stricken unheard from the record to make a fraudulent “settlement”.
  17. 5/23/19 DOT annotated          Neither Nationstar nor Jimijack are parties to $355,000 deed of trust executed & recorded on 5/23/19 by nonparties Joel A Stokes & Civic Financial Services
  18. 4/23/19 video 
  19. 4/23/19 minutes         
  20. 5/1/19 DEED  Joel & Sandra Stokes as trustees of Jimijack dumped Jimijack’s deed by transferring the title into Joel’s name as an individual. Judge Kishner never ruled on Jimijack’s deed that Nona Tobin claimed was inadmissible per NRS 111.345 in her 2/1/17 AACC vs Jimijack and in two declarations under penalty of perjury.
  21. 5/21/19 Transcript      Nationstar attorneys characterize as a settlement agreement between parties Jimijack & Nationstar that excluded parties Nona Tobin & the Gordon B. Hansen Trust from the title fight without the court examining any evidence including not examining the alleged settlement documents.
  22. 5/31/19 NESO Nationstar stipulates that it drops its remaining quiet title claim against Jimijack with prejudice so they both win without the judge ever looking at the evidence or hearing Nona Tobin’s claims against Nationstar & Jimijack.
  23. 6/3/19 Reconvey         Nationstar dba Mr. Cooper falsely claimed to be both the beneficiary and the trustee of the Hansen deed of trust and reconveyed without legal authority the property to Joel A Stokes two days before the quiet title trial (A-15-720032-C) that allegedly was held to determine the title rights between the Gordon B. Hansen Trust and the Jimijack Irrevocable Trust.
  24. Supreme Court case 79295     Online case management system – see how opposing parties were successful in getting me removed as a party by saying I was not aggrieved. See orders SC 19-37846 and SC 20-016346.
  25. Judicial Jiu-jitsu          Youtube channel contains closed-caption videos of all the A-15-720032-C court hearings from 2016-2019 and all the A-19-798990-C court hearings held in 2020 as well as brief videos explaining the trickery employed by the opposing attorneys to suppress Nona Tobin’s evidence and obstruct her access to a fair adjudication of her claims on their merits by an impartial tribunal.

11/10/20  NV AG complaint

12/4/20 rejection of the complaint by the Nevada Attorney General