Request for Judicial Notice: Laws & Regulations Exhibit 4 Limits on conveyance of real property

NRS 111 Statute of Frauds

NRS 111.105  Conveyances by deed.  

NRS 111.120  Conditions necessary before proof by subscribing witness can be taken.  

NRS 111.125 Proof required from subscribing witnesses. 

NRS 111.175  Conveyances made to defraud prior or subsequent purchasers are void. 

NRS 111.180  Bona fide purchaser: Conveyance not deemed fraudulent in favor of bona fide purchaser unless subsequent purchaser had actual knowledge, constructive notice or reasonable cause to know of fraud.

Relevant to Jimijack’s 6/9/15 inadmissible deed.

See 1/11/17 Nona Tobin’s Declaration under penalty of perjury

All subsequent transfers of Jimijack’s defective deed were void.

NRS 111.340  Certificate of acknowledgment and record may be rebutted.  Neither the certificate of the acknowledgment nor of the proof of any conveyance or instrument, nor the record, nor the transcript of the record, of such conveyance or instrument, shall be conclusive, but the same may be rebutted.

NRS 111.345  Proof taken upon oath of incompetent witness: Instrument not admissible until established by competent proof.  If the party contesting the proof of any conveyance or instrument shall make it appear that any such proof was taken upon the oath of an incompetent witness, neither such conveyance or instrument, nor the record thereof, shall be received in evidence, until established by other competent proof.


NRS 240.120  Journal of notarial acts: Duty to maintain; contents; verification based upon credible witness; copy of entry; storage; period of retention; report of loss or theft; exceptions.

NRS 240.155  Notarization of signature of person not in presence of notary public unlawful; penalty.

NRS 240.075 Prohibited acts.  A notary public shall not:

      2.  Certify an instrument containing a statement known by the notary public to be false.

      3.  Perform any act as a notary public with intent to deceive or defraud, including, without limitation, altering the journal that the notary public is required to keep pursuant to NRS 240.120.

NRS 240.075

NRS 240.147  Unlawful destruction, defacement or concealment of notarial record.