Board meeting as self-serving bully pulpit

Lesson 1 from April 26 BOD meeting

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”                                             -Mark Twain

Blame the bloggers

At least the first hour of the meeting was dedicated to blaming bloggers for all that is wrong, including the loss of SCA property values. It was a stunning example of how the Board marches lock-step against  owners rights and reflexively resists holding itself and the GM accountable for fixing problems of their own making.

Board beliefs vs. an alternative point of view

Tom Nissen listed his beliefs – all concerns shared by the Board – as his parting gift to the membership.

My beliefs offer another, albeit unwelcome, perspective, to show the way I think the Board and GM could better create value for owners.

Click here to link to the article about the UNLV study on HOA foreclosures referenced above.

Next time, I’ll share with you my planned request to correct the false and defamatory statements in the April SCA litigation reports. I didn’t speak up at the meeting because I was afraid I’d get lynched for complaining.

2 thoughts on “Board meeting as self-serving bully pulpit”

  1. Poor Tom…or should I say, because of “Tom”…

    … poor us !

    Kudos on his expert financial decision in voting to give the last restaurant guy $40,000 in loans that defaulted ! Good job, Tom.

    And to think he’s going to negotiate a restaurant lease after voting to first reject a place that offered $700,000 in renovation plus paying $3,000 per month in rent and paying utilities…

    …for one who will pay NOTHING !

    I’m sure his financial expertise will continue to “give away the store” as he has been demonstrated to our $265,000 per year General Manager.

    We’ll sure miss you, Tom.

    And you want to sue bloggers ?

    Why Tom, because it took us to unveil your “expertise”?

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