Request for Judicial Notice: Laws & Regulations Exhibit 8 Documentary evidence

NRS 52.235  Original required.  

To prove the content of a writing, recording or photograph, the original writing, recording or photograph is required, except as otherwise provided in this title.

NRS 52.235

 NRS 52.260  Record made in course of regularly conducted activity; affidavit required.

      1.  The contents of a record made in the course of a regularly conducted activity in accordance with NRS 51.135, if otherwise admissible, may be proved by the original or a copy of the record which is authenticated by a custodian of the record or another qualified person in a signed affidavit.

      2.  The custodian of the record or other qualified person must verify in the affidavit that the record was made:

      (a) At or near the time of the act, event, condition, opinion or diagnosis concerning which the information was recorded, by or from information transmitted by a person with knowledge of the act or event; and

      (b) In the course of the regularly conducted activity.

NRS 52.260