Request for Judicial Notice: Laws and Regulations Exhibit 1 2013 Nevada HOA Lien & Foreclosure Laws

2013 HOA Lien and Foreclosure Statutes

Link to combined PDF of NRS 116.3116-NRS 116.31168 (2013)

Universal Citation: NV Rev Stat § 116.3116 (2013) NRS 116.3116 Liens against units for assessments.

Universal Citation: NV Rev Stat § 116.31162 (2013) NRS 116.31162 – Foreclosure of liens: Mailing of notice of delinquent assessment; recording of notice of default and election to sell; period during which unit s owner may pay lien to avoid foreclosure; limitations on type of lien that may be foreclosed.

Universal Citation: NV Rev Stat § 116.31163 (2013) NRS 116.31163 Foreclosure of liens: Mailing of notice of default and election to sell to certain interested persons.

Universal Citation: NV Rev Stat § 116.311635 (2013) NRS 116.311635 Foreclosure of liens: Providing notice of time and place of sale; service of notice of sale; contents of notice of sale; proof of service.

Universal Citation: NV Rev Stat § 116.31164 (2013) NRS 116.31164  Foreclosure of liens: Procedure for conducting sale; purchase of unit by association; execution and delivery of deed; use of proceeds of sale.

Universal Citation: NV Rev Stat § 116.31166 (2013) NRS 116.31166 Foreclosure of liens: Effect of recitals in deed; purchaser not responsible for proper application of purchase money; title vested in purchaser without equity or right of redemption.

Universal Citation: NV Rev Stat § 116.31168 (2013) NRS 116.31168 Foreclosure of liens: Requests by interested persons for notice of default and election to sell; right of association to waive default and withdraw notice or proceeding to foreclose.

NRS 116.31164(3) mandates ministerial duties after the sale including distribution of the proceeds