Nona Tobin Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury

I, Nona Tobin, under penalty of perjury, state as follows:

I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein, except for those facts stated to be based upon information and belief. If called to do so, I would truthfully and competently testify to the facts stated herein.

I am submitting the documentary evidence based on my personal knowledge, research, analysis, and/or experience.

I was forced into this litigation because Sun City Anthem attorney David Ochoa unilaterally obstructed my access to SCA CC&Rs XVI: Limits on Litigation alternative dispute resolution

See my 3/22/17 offer to settle at no cost to me or to the HOA that David Ochoa rejected, upon information and belief, based on his own imaginary authority or through consultation with HOA community managers, Sandy Seddon and/or Lori Martin.

My involvement with the courts in Nevada has 100% been a thus-far futile attempt to regain title to a house that was wrongly foreclosed and secretly sold by Red Rock Financial Services on 8/15/14, three months after I had approved a sale to the high bidder on

Upon information and belief, the extreme abuse to which I have been subjected is only understandable if the opposing counsels are aiding and abetting their clients’ criminal actions, covering up their clients’ misdeed, and/or for their own unjust enrichment.

I have made the following videos and posted them on You-tube in an effort to simplify and publish the massive amount of evidence I have to support my claims that heretofore these attorneys have successfully suppressed and blocked from judicial scrutiny.

VIDEO 1:20-minute VIDEOHow did Nona Tobin lose the $500,000 house she inherited from Bruce Hansen?

4:52-minute VIDEO “How lenders cheat owners out of their houses

Over the last five years, no judge has looked at any evidence in district court cases A-15-720032-C, A-16-730078-C, or A-19-798990-C

7:39-minute VIDEO  “Complaint to the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline vs. Judge Kishner

2:08-minute VIDEO Is justice blind or is it just blinded by power or pals?

1:44-minute VIDEO “Please Judge Johnson

3:50-minute VIDEO “What evidence supports Nona Tobin’s claims?” – Craig Leidy declaration

1:56-minute VIDEO “All declarations under penalty of perjury support Nona Tobin

When all statements under oath support Nona Tobin, why does she keep losing?” 3-page blogpost with links to all declarations made under penalty of perjury.

Over the last five years, every opposing counsel lied to the court.

presented false evidence, concealed and misrepresented material facts, and obstructed a fair adjudication of my claims on their merits. 

2:48-minute VIDEO “Who started it?

5:53-minute VIDEO “Joseph Hong’s big ex parte lies

1:41-minute VIDEO “Plaintiffs did not meet their burden of proof

6:33-minute VIDEO “Nationstar lied about being owed $389,000

1:22-minute VIDEO “Joseph Hong dupes Judge Johnson

1:33-minute VIDEO “Judicial Jiu-Jitsu is fraud on the court

3:09-minute VIDEO “Nationstar kept changing its story to cover up the lie

2:05-minute VIDEO “Failure of Nevada civil courts to address white collar crime

17:53-minute VIDEO “Specific evidence of fraud against Nationstar

2:46-minute VIDEO “How Nationstar & Jimijack tricked the court into excluding all evidence

1:37-minute VIDEO “Nevada state courts are rigged

3:58-minute VIDEO “Remember Joseph Hong?”

3:36-minute VIDEO Why did Quicken secure a house that was already mortgaged?

2:24-minute VIDEO What does it take to get disbarred in Nevada?

2:59-minute VIDEO “Nationstar plays the IOU trick to steal from Nona Tobin

1:52-minute VIDEO “What kind of legal entity is Jimijack Irrevocable Trust?”

1:01-minute VIDEO “What is Jimijack Irrevocable Trust?”

4:52-minute VIDEO “How lenders cheat owners out of their houses

6:18-minute VIDEO “Nationstar and Joel Stokes stole my $500,000 house

0:50-minute VIDEO “10 reasons why to sanction Joseph Hong

7:39-minute VIDEO  “Complaint to the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline vs. Judge Kishner

1:01-minute VIDEO “A Simple Fable: Nationstar’s & Jimijack’s duel to the death

Actual damages to me personally

The consequences of this successful fraud perpetrated primarily by attorneys:

  1. The title to a $500,000 house was taken from me by a fraudulently conducted-unnoticed foreclosure sale,
  2. Nationstar stole from me the $389,000 outstanding Western Thrift & Loan debt of deceased borrower Gordon Hansen that I did not owe to anyone and was not owed to Nationstar by anyone,
  3. Joel and Sandra Stokes kept $100,000+ in over five years of rental profits that belong to me,
  4. Red Rock attorneys Koch & Scow retained $60,000 that they refused to distribute to me in 2014 and has now accrued plus six years of interest and costs to pursue my claim against massive obstruction
  5. I have been forced to expend tens of thousands of dollars on litigation costs and thousands of hours of personal time to attempt to recover what was stolen from me.

2:38-minute VIDEO “What happened after Sun City Anthem refused Nona Tobin’s 2017 offer to settle?

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Nevada that the foregoing is true and correct.

Dated this 21st day of March 2021,