Cause of action: Quiet title

According to Jay Young, on the Nevada Law Blog, in Nevada, the elements for a claim of quiet title are:

  1. Action may be brought by any person against another who claims an estate or interest in real property, adverse to him, for the purpose of determining such adverse claims. NRS  40.010;
  2. Complaint must be verified. NRS 40.090-1;
  3. Summons must be issued within one year of filing the complaint and served per NRCP. NRS 40.100-1;
  4. Lis Pendens must be filed with the county recorder within 10 days of filing of the complaint. NRS 40.090-3;
  5. Copy of the Summons must be posted on the property within 30 days after the summons is issued, and an affidavit of posting must be filed with the court. NRS 40.100-2;
  6. Disclaimer must be filed. NRS 40.020;
  7. Affidavit to unknown heirs must be filed. NRS 14.040(3);
  8. Court must hold a hearing on the evidence in order to issue judgment. Quiet title may not be obtained through default judgment.  NRS 40.110; and
  9. Record a certified copy of the judgment quieting title. NRS 247.120(o).

The elements – most critically #8, the mandatory evidentiary hearing, for awarding quiet title were not met in case A-15-720032-C

  1. Neither Jimijack nor Nationstar brought any claims for quiet tile against Nona Tobin in either of her capacities. Nationstar voluntarily dismissed all its quiet title claims before the trial, on 2/20/19 and 5/31/19, without adjudication. Nationstar is judicially estopped from claiming it ever was the beneficial owner of the disputed Hansen deed of trust based on its multiple false and conflicting recorded and filed claims. Nationstar, acted without legal authority when it ignored the restrictions of the PUD Rider Remedies turn the lender payment of delinquent fees into a de facto foreclosure without complying with the foreclosure requirements of NRS 107.080.
  2. Neither Jimijack nor Nationstar had any verified, unrefuted evidence to support their title claims. Jimijack did not ever enter any evidence into the record to refute Nona Tobin’s NRS 111.340 rebuttal of its 6/9/14 recorded deed that was inadmissible as evidence pursuant to NRS 111.345. Jimijack dumped its defective deed covertly before the trial. Joel A. Stokes never had a valid title claim because Jimijack had no interest to transfer. Nationstar and Jimijack met ex parte with Judge Kishner and got Nona Tobin’s verified evidence and verified complaints stricken from the record unheard based on misrepresentations to the court and presentation of false evidence.
  3. Neither Jimijack nor Nationstar served any summons on Nona Tobin in either of her capacities. Nationstar never served any summons on F. Bondurant LLC but simply added it as a third part without filing any claims against it.
  4. Nationstar recorded two lis pendens that were fraudulent insofar as they were based on false claims to title in the manner prohibited by NRS 205.377. Jimijack never recorded any lis pendens, but without legal authority falsely claimed that one of Nationstar’s lis pendens belonged to trustees Joel and Sandra Stokes and released it before the trial.
  5. No summons was posted on the property.
  6. Nona Tobin did not ever file a disclaimer. However, disclaimers of interest were filed in 2017 by F. Bondurant LLC, Yuen K. Lee, Thomas Lucas, Opportunity Homes LLC, and Steven Hansen. Subsequently in the 2021 interpleader, Republic Services, LLC filed a disclaimer of interest.
  7. No affidavit to unknown heirs was filed by Nationstar or by Jimijack.
  8. There were no evidentiary hearings in case A-15-720032-C. See links to all hearing minutes, transcripts and videos. See video “How Nationstar won without proof
  9. The recorded copy was not certified. A small technicality, unless you consider that the Ombudsman’s notice of sale records that proved the 8/15/14 sale was conducted without ANY published notice, were rejected as evidence based on the exact same technicality. The State of Nevada’s official HOA notice of sale compliance records, authenticated on 4/15/19, nearly two months before the trial were re-entered into the court record on 4/24/19, 4/29/19 and 5/23/19, but were erroneously ignored by the court.

And another technicality when the interpretation of HOA governing documents is at issue

Judge Kishner lacked jurisdiction to grant Jimijack its requested relief because no parties except Nona Tobin in both her capacities was compliant with NRS 38.310 (1) and therefore, NRS 38.310(2) required Judge Kishner to dismiss the action pending their completion of mediation.

NRS 38.310  Limitations on commencement of certain civil actions.

      1.  No civil action based upon a claim relating to:

      (a) The interpretation, application or enforcement of any covenants, conditions or restrictions applicable to residential property or any bylaws, rules or regulations adopted by an association; or

      (b) The procedures used for increasing, decreasing or imposing additional assessments upon residential property,

Ê may be commenced in any court in this State unless the action has been submitted to mediation or, if the parties agree, has been referred to a program pursuant to the provisions of NRS 38.300 to 38.360, inclusive, and, if the civil action concerns real estate within a planned community subject to the provisions of chapter 116 of NRS or real estate within a condominium hotel subject to the provisions of chapter 116B of NRS, all administrative procedures specified in any covenants, conditions or restrictions applicable to the property or in any bylaws, rules and regulations of an association have been exhausted.

      2.  A court shall dismiss any civil action which is commenced in violation of the provisions of subsection 1.

Nona Tobin’s motion was dismissal pursuant to NRS 38.310(2) was stricken unheard

7/29/19 Tobin motion to dismiss