Black letter Nevada law: Statute of Frauds

NRS Chapter 111 Conveyances; Statute of Frauds

NRS 111.105  Conveyances by deed.  

Conveyances of lands, or of any estate or interest therein, may be made by deed, signed by the person from whom the estate or interest is intended to pass, being of lawful age, or by the person’s lawful agent or attorney, and acknowledged or proved, and recorded, as directed in this chapter.

NRS 111.120
NRS 111.120  Conditions necessary before proof by subscribing witness can be taken.  

No proof by a subscribing witness shall be taken unless the witness shall be personally known to the person taking the proof to be the person whose name is subscribed to the conveyance as witness thereto, or shall be proved to be such by the oath or affirmation of a credible witness.

NRS 111.120
NRS 111.125 Proof required from subscribing witnesses. 

No certificate of proof shall be granted unless subscribing witnesses shall prove: 1. That the person whose name is subscribed thereto as a party is the person described in, and who executed the same. 2. That such person executed the conveyance. 3. That such witness subscribed his name thereto as a witness thereof.

NRS 111.175  Conveyances made to defraud prior or subsequent purchasers are void.  

Every conveyance of any estate, or interest in lands, or the rents and profits of lands, and every charge upon lands, or upon the rents and profits thereof, made and created with the intent to defraud prior or subsequent purchasers for a valuable consideration of the same lands, rents or profits, as against such purchasers, shall be void.

NRS 111.175
NRS 111.180  Bona fide purchaser: Conveyance not deemed fraudulent in favor of bona fide purchaser unless subsequent purchaser had actual knowledge, constructive notice or reasonable cause to know of fraud.

      1.  Any purchaser who purchases an estate or interest in any real property in good faith and for valuable consideration and who does not have actual knowledge, constructive notice of, or reasonable cause to know that there exists a defect in, or adverse rights, title or interest to, the real property is a bona fide purchaser.

      2.  No conveyance of an estate or interest in real property, or charge upon real property, shall be deemed fraudulent in favor of a bona fide purchaser unless it appears that the subsequent purchaser in such conveyance, or person to be benefited by such charge, had actual knowledge, constructive notice or reasonable cause to know of the fraud intended.

NRS 111.180
NRS 111.240  Acknowledgment of conveyances.  

Every conveyance in writing whereby any real property is conveyed or may be affected must be acknowledged or proved and certified in the manner provided in this chapter and in NRS 240.161 to 240.169, inclusive.

NRS 111.240
NRS 111.320  Filing of conveyances or other instruments is notice to all persons: Effect on subsequent purchasers and mortgagees.  

Every such conveyance or instrument of writing, acknowledged or proved and certified, and recorded in the manner prescribed in this chapter or in NRS 105.010 to 105.080, inclusive, must from the time of filing the same with the Secretary of State or recorder for record, impart notice to all persons of the contents thereof; and subsequent purchasers and mortgagees shall be deemed to purchase and take with notice.

NRS 111.320
 NRS 111.325  Unrecorded conveyances void as against subsequent bona fide purchaser for value when conveyance recorded.  

Every conveyance of real property within this State hereafter made, which shall not be recorded as provided in this chapter, shall be void as against any subsequent purchaser, in good faith and for a valuable consideration, of the same real property, or any portion thereof, where his or her own conveyance shall be first duly recorded.

NRS 111.325
NRS 111.340  Certificate of acknowledgment and record may be rebutted.  

Neither the certificate of the acknowledgment nor of the proof of any conveyance or instrument, nor the record, nor the transcript of the record, of such conveyance or instrument, shall be conclusive, but the same may be rebutted.

NRS 111.340
 NRS 111.345  Proof taken upon oath of incompetent witness: Instrument not admissible until established by competent proof.  

If the party contesting the proof of any conveyance or instrument shall make it appear that any such proof was taken upon the oath of an incompetent witness, neither such conveyance or instrument, nor the record thereof, shall be received in evidence, until established by other competent proof.

NRS 111.345