Here are some Sun City Anthem (SCA) community resources to help stay informed.


Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc. – SCA’s official website – requires a password.

Third Amended and Restated CC&Rs and Bylaws, dated 5/20/08, are SCA’s governing documents, legally binding unless they violate Federal/state law.

SCA HOA Bylaws (pdf) – This is public information available at the County Recorder’s Office.

SCA Board Policy Manual – Rev. 1/26/17 contains the official set of policies the Board uses to govern the association and hold the management (GM) accountable for operations.

SCA Rules & Regulations, adopted 13/23/14, amended 5/25/15 by the SCA Board. These rules are part of the SCA governing documents which, along with the CC&Rs and bylaws are enforced by the Board of Directors.

Sun City Anthem Personnel Handbook – When SCA stopped contracting with FirstService Residential (FSR) to be SCA’s managing agent, SCA became an employer. All of the on-site personnel are SCA employees, and the terms & conditions of their employment are defined in the Personnel Handbook. Since neither the General Manager nor the Community Association Manager have management agreements with Sun City Anthem, they are both “at-will” employees whose terms of employment are ONLY as defined by this handbook unless altered by a majority vote of the Board of Directors in an open Board meeting.

City of Henderson

City of Las Vegas


Nextdoor is a free private social network for neighbors and communities.

Sun City Summerlin HOA

Sun City Summerlin Community Association – SCS’s official website – NO password required.

Nevada Revised Statutes

Chapter 116 – Common Interest Communities

Chapter 82 – Nonprofit Corporations

Chapter 49.035 – 49.105 – Attorney-client privilege and 49.115  – exceptions

Citywide planning document that communicates the vision, long-term goals and objectives that guide the physical development and orderly management of growth of the City for the next 20 years.

Nona Tobin’s campaign website for the SCA Board of Directors election in 2017.


Other Blogs – This website is published by Rana Goodman, a SCA homeowner. – This website is published by Dick Arnedt, a SCA homeowner.