Per Rex: “Shut up. We’re in charge here.”

Rex Weddle’s’s May President’s Report in SCA’s Spirit Magazine is entitled (apparently unaware of the irony) “Keeping our nest clean“. Rex again  devotes his entire official communication to sharing with all owners and residents his personal and chronic whine about how owner complaints about him, the GM and the Board are ruining this community.

Boo hoo.

Bloggers called Rex and his buddies “thugs and bullies”. Private individuals  accused him, the Board, the attorney and the GM of unlawful conduct and criminal corruption. Rex belittles those who complain, but without specifically denying any of the charges.

What’s a poor, hand-wringing President to do?

Rex seems oblivious to his contribution to SCA’s problems. He did not suggest any way he could use his position of authority to address owner concerns or to heal community division.

Rex thinks that bullying bloggers into silence is the best course of action.

Rex apparently lacks any self-awareness of how inappropriate it is to use the Spirit, SCA’s official publication, to express his personal opinion and his personal hostility toward certain members of the community.

The President of the Board has a column in the Spirit which is intended to share with the entire community news about what actions the Board is taking, how the owners’ money is being spent, or to provide inspirational words of leadership.

Rex, unfortunately, has chosen instead to use SCA’s official publication as a personal soap box, to chastise residents for complaining about him personally or for criticizing actions of SCA elected official or agents that individual owners or bloggers believe are detrimental to the community.

Rex’s message: “My way or the highway

Don’t you think it is ironic that Rex Weddle, speaking officially as the SCA President, uses the Spirit, the SCA website, Board meetings, and other official SCA communication channels, to shame and demean residents for expressing their personal opinions on blogs that they privately own, just because he personally disagrees with them?

Doesn’t it seem odd that he does not recognize that his claim that blogs have a negative impact on our property values is just his personal opinion, and one that has no data to back it up?

“Because they read like a bad restaurant review, the buyers may choose to go elsewhere.”    -Rex Weddle

That is like a restaurant owner blaming his bad Yelp reviews on the customers instead of trying to figure out why they are saying the food and the service sucks.

Bob Burch only hears those on his side

Don’t expect these Spirit President Reports to be any better now that Rex’s protege and probable puppet, Bob Burch, will have his name on the President’s report byline. Bob’s intolerance of dissent and his blind spot when it comes to equal treatment of resident’s are huge.

How can I say such mean things?

I am just defending myself and my rights and protecting the rights of ALL owners. I don’t see that as being mean. I do see what Rex et al are doing as being mean.

For example,

after the restaurant workshop, I forwarded a copy of a blog, “How to cook our goose” to all members of the Board. I wanted them to know I thought the restaurant vendor selection process was unfair and incompetent.

Here’s what Bob graciously emailed me back:

“You really are a very strange person.  In any case, any further emails from you will be considered SPAM and will be treated as such.”                -Bob Burch

And another example of responsive leadership

Here is the gratuitous observation Bob made (not to me, but about me, on the only community blog that Board members seem to think deserves their respect) in response to my blog, “Being accountable for being good neighbors“,


I wonder if Bob is so non-judgmental about all of his constituents, or if I am just special.


5 thoughts on “Per Rex: “Shut up. We’re in charge here.””

  1. The BIG problem in today’s world: “It’s always somebody else’s fault”. Of course this is how he and the Cabal (with the help of their self-appointed Minister of Propaganda) will go through to the next election cycle (and through the rest of their lives).

  2. Weddle and his Spirit portal, Coleman and his BOD meeting portal, DAB and his “I am the victim here” blog portal; they all are masters of taking advantage of free manure spreading while denying any part in showing the entire world what ‘the swamp’ really looks like here in SCA. We have already been made the laughing stock of retirement communities when Jack was named to the “Hall of Shame” by Darcy, and these wackos obviously believe that they can further disparage our community with impunity. Pathetic leaders (or wanna-be leaders in DAB’s case), feel that by lowering the bar of civility to the point that everyone becomes numb to the pain they’re in, can they then proceed to weave their evil web unnoticed.
    Nothing lasts forever, and their ‘reign of terror’ will eventually collapse on itself into a pile of rubble.

  3. It is with heartfelt gratitude for the time I spent with my mother, and family in general. Those were good times, very good times, when our occasional outrage was directed toward the social injustices caused by the perpetrators, not the victims. Our whole world has been turned upside down, as evidenced by our vitriol toward the “leakers” rather than the evil deeds of the “doer”. Only lawyers profit from this.
    My mother taught me that this sort of thinking would lead to the total collapse of our ‘rule of law’.
    Today, I am thankful for my mother’s teachings, and while wishing all the mothers out there a
    I hope they find it in their hearts to remember the civil teachings of their mothers, and pass them on.

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