If you are tired of SCA being ripped off by attorneys, take action!

Apply by 4 PM today, Feb. 9
to be a candidate for the SCA Board

I encourage you to apply to sit on the SCA Board if you believe you can help  the Board fulfill its responsibility to:

  • adopt policies that protect the SCA membership  from losses to our property values, amenities or quality of life.
  • ensure that our governing documents are enforced uniformly and no one, including the Board, the GM or any SCA agent is exempt from the rule of law
  • adopt a fair and open system for meaningful owner involvement in governance and for equitably addressing owner concerns.

To protect our wonderful community, we must get a Board majority that has these values and acts on them. We are not well served by a Board that  hands over our wallets to an attorney and a GM whose decisions profit them more than they serve homeowners or the association that is supposed to exist solely for the benefit of the membership.

Unfortunately, people tell me they are discouraged because the current Board has abdicated, causing, or allowing, the association attorney and GM to run roughshod over homeowners’ rights. But, hopefully, some of you will step forward to help create systems and policies that will prevent the attorney from becoming the boss.

Attorneys fees and loss of our property values

Next blog I’ll go through these outrageous attorney fees we all paid for 2017. I’ll show you exactly how much you are paying for the absolutely useless and unnecessary use of an attorney to promote interests that are directly adverse to ours.

2017 legal fees were more than triple what was budgeted!
  • How much value did we get for spending $294,924 on attorneys?
  • What did we have to give up to pay for attorneys?
  • How much better sound system could we have had for aerobics and fitness rooms in Independence Hall for the price of even one attorney-day?
  • How much value did SCA get out of paying a GM, a CFO and a Facilities Manager almost double what those jobs get paid in the Las Vegas market?
So, if these matters concern you, throw your hat in the ring.

Here’s the application packet from www.sca-hoa.org distributed by the Election Committee. Here is the required candidate disclosure form 850 published on the Ombudsman’s website which doesn’t have all the nonsense SCA’s attorney put in.

I’ve already put in my application  to go back on the Board.

Why don’t you?


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