Election Committee TOMORROW 9 AM – pick order of names on ballot

Concord Room Anthem Center
9 AM Tuesday, Feb. 13
Election Committee
Board Candidate Orientation
Candidates draw for ballot order

I’ll be there despite Clarkson’s challenge to my eligibility. I have requested that I be treated as a candidate unless a State of Nevada official with proper legal authority rules that I am not eligible to be a candidate.

As you can see in the email below (which I sent to the SCA Board, the GM, the Ombudsman, the NRED investigator and others), I have requested, in respect for my advanced age and frail heart, that I not be treated unfairly or be subjected to a hostile surprise attack, be escorted from the room or face any other bullying or humiliation because I have the temerity to insist on my right to volunteer to serve as a member of the Board.

I encourage you to come if you are interested in ensuring that SCA is not the kind of place where a homeowner in good standing, acting in good faith, can be treated shabbily for simply trying to be of service.

Remember, this is not about me. 

This is about having a system of governance that is fair, open and protects ALL homeowners equally – no matter who is in charge.

4 thoughts on “Election Committee TOMORROW 9 AM – pick order of names on ballot”

  1. Great letter Nona, and since I am an even older (by several years) friend, do so
    appreciate your request for consideration of our heart conditions. Good luck!

  2. I am unable to attend the meeting because of another commitment but want you to know that you have my full support .

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate it. A lot of people have been convinced that I am some kind of a monster by the way the facts are being twisted into full-on defamation. The attorney is lying about me making a profit (I have made $$zero, while just the attorneys, the GM and the CFO cost owners 10% of the 2017 operating budget). He falsely opined that the Board has the legal authority to do remove a director and then block from running before the issue has been adjudicated by proper authority and without any appeal either time. It’s also a big deal that the quiet litigation is zero financial risk to the SCA, but pretty costly to Clarkson because it exposes the way he churns up excessive legal fees and is conflicted by being both legal counsel and the debt collector. My case also exposes what SCAs former agents did to steal from both me and SCA on this house, but more importantly, all SCA owners are on the hook for mucho, mucho dinero $$$$ for how they unlawfully sold lots of houses in the years after the 2008 recession and housing market crash. Some of those cases are still in litigation, and the only ones who are making any money are the attorneys.

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