Clark County Manager’s raise gets her almost to Sandy Seddon’s pay

The Review Journal just published an article about the Clark County Manager’s performance evaluation and pay increase:

Updated December 20, 2017 – 6:15 am

Clark County Manager Yolanda King will receive a $5,200 raise to her annual salary.

County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to increase King’s pay during their first annual review of her as the county’s top employee. The raise is 2 percent of King’s current $260,000 base salary.

King also received a 3 percent bonus worth $7,200.

Commissioners conducted the evaluation during a public meeting and lavished King with praise.

How does SCA Board justify paying $257,500 + $20,000 bonus for managing an annual operating budget of under $10 million for 7,144 rooftops? Compare that to the $265,200 + $7,200 bonus paid to the Clark County Manager paid to oversee a $5.9 Billion budget serving a population of 2.1 million residents and 45 million annual visitors?

Maybe the complete lack of justification for her excessive compensation is why they insist on keeping Sandy Seddon’s performance standards secret. Does anyone know if she was given another bonus this year after 836 residents gave her a failing grade for customer service?

Excessive compensation + secrecy = inappropriate loyalties

It’s a small wonder that the GM protects the Board incumbents as if her job depended on it.

Hello, recall election interference!

And a little help for her friends…

Don’t forget that the Board’s refusal to allow appropriate owner oversight of the personnel management and compensation systems under self-management has also allowed her to pay two other managers double what their jobs are valued in this market.

CFO Jim Orlick is paid over $190,000. Compare his compensation  for shock value to the much, much bigger Clark County CFO/Comptroller job which has a pay range that tops out at just under $180,000.

The other SCA job pay that is totally out of line is the Facilities Manager position which was paid $154,000 and who knows what it is going to be in January.

Don’t get me started on the unnecessary staffing with both a GM and a CAM for our tiny organization…

Refusing to allow competent owner oversight of employee compensation is a big failure of the SCA Board’s duty of care.
Clark County is an ocean liner to SCA’s row boat

Clark County is committed to providing a high quality of life for its more than 2.2 million residents. That means providing a broad range of regional services countywide, including the nation’s 9th-busiest airport, air quality compliance, social services and the state’s largest public hospital, University Medical Center. The county also provides municipal services that are traditionally provided by cities to almost 952,000 residents in the unincorporated area. Those include fire protection, roads and other public works, parks and recreation, and planning and development.

The County Manager’s Office is responsible for the executive oversight of the nation’s 14th-largest county, which provides regional services to more than 2.1 million residents and 45 million visitors annually and municipal-like services to 954,000 residents in the unincorporated County. The county manager is Yolanda King, who, in her position as the County’s chief executive officer, is charged with carrying out the policies established by the seven-member County Commission.

King and her staff are responsible for the fiscal management of the County’s $5.9 billion budget and provide administrative oversight for 38 diverse and geographically dispersed departments, including McCarran International Airport, the nation’s 9th-busiest, and University Medical Center, the state’s largest public hospital. King is assisted by Chief Financial Officer Jessica Colvin, Assistant County Managers Jeff Wells and Randall Tarr, and Public Communications Director Erik Pappa. – Clark County website

Clark County CFO/Comptroller description

Jessica Colvin was appointed Chief Financial Officer for Clark County, effective December 2016.  Prior to this appointment, she was Comptroller, a responsibility she currently maintains.  In her dual role as the CFO/Comptroller, Colvin is responsible for administering the County’s $6.2 billion total budget and overseeing the County’s bond program, Risk Management, Budget and Financial Planning, Accounting, Accounts Payable, Central Payroll and Timekeeping, the Automotive Division, Detention Operations and more.

SCA  CFO description is unavailable.

4 thoughts on “Clark County Manager’s raise gets her almost to Sandy Seddon’s pay”

  1. Great comparison on job duties and compensation.
    In my business experience, a potential source of abuse was business expense reimbursement. It seems to me that within a small number of employees, there is a chance of abuse whereby one could enhance the income by false claims. Is there a robust process for expense claims that ensures honesty and prevents false claims?

    1. The Board does a poor job of holding the GM accountable for the development of appropriate internal controls in personnel management and compensation. The GM and CAM were hired without management agreements so SCA has a fair amount of unnecessary exposure for her errors and omissions. The policy framework needed now that SCA directly employs all the workers is inadequate, and I have an extremely low opinion of SCA’s new attorney’s ethics as he gives the Board advice that serves his interest and that of the GM more than it protects or serves the interests of the homeowners. The Board is not competent enough to handle these issues (which is typical of volunteer Boards), but here at SCA, they over-rely on the GM to the point of unlawful abdication. And, the Board’s absolute refusal to listen to knowledgeable people or to create owner-oversight committees or to utilize residents’ expertise or to create checks and balances or to prevent fraud and mistakes by SCA managers and attorneys, looks to me like unconscionable, willful negligence.

  2. Thank you for following up on this issue…which so many people I’ve talked to have strong concerns about. When I did a comparison between occupational salaries on another blog, I was told that I was wrong–I was comparing “apples and oranges”. Anyone can go online to the Occupational Outlook Handbook produced the Dept. Of Labor and compare HOA property manager salaries at even a regional level. It is very, very telling, and indicates some people made a very poor decision. Again, why would we let a search company tell us what a salary should be without doing some research on our own?

    1. You are totally right. Believing a recruiter is how I ended up in the Marines! Paying that ridiculous amount was a failure of due diligence, and the Board should hold themselves accountable for fixing it instead of making up reasons to justify their mistake. It is even worse. They picked a recruiter (GSI)that specializes in high-end country clubs from five recruiters interviewed. that included Baenziger & Associates, a recruiter that has more of a municipal manager focus. Baenziger was selected by Sun City Summerlin around the same time in 2015 to replace their GM. Both recruiters reported getting very good candidate pools, but Summerlin hired for $100,000 less than SCA paid. Summerlin used Baenziger again last summer and they hired in October from another full field of candidates and are very happy with their new GM. I haven’t called them to see what the new pay range is, but they advertised around $160,000- $200,000, I believe. Sun City Summerlin is our closest comparable non-profit HOA, and they have been self-managed since Del Webb turned it over to SCS. It is foolish for us not to work more closely with them and benefit from their experience. This Board’s “Father knows best” attitude exposes SCA to considerable risk by using Board members instead of resident experts, isolating SCA from our peers, withholding information from unit owners and abdicating excessive policy authority to highly compensated agents who have financial interests contrary to the interests of homeowners.

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