Attitude of Gratitude

Wishing you all a beautiful day and a wonderful life!

I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on how lucky and grateful I feel. I have a wonderful family, great friends and neighbors, way better health than I probably deserve, and I live in a beautiful home where, on a clear day, I’d swear I can see all the way to Area 51!

Although the Bay Area was a great place to have a career, living in a Sun City Anthem is a much better fit for a lady of leisure, and I have absolutely loved living here for almost 14 years. I have a great sense of belonging here surrounded by diverse and kindred spirits who are also enjoying fulfilling lives pursuing the many different lifestyle options available here.

I am totally committed to this community and to doing everything I can to keep it wonderful for ALL of us.

Thanks so much to all of you make my life so great!



4 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude”

  1. It is with heartfelt gratitude for the time I spent with my mother, and family in general. Those were good times, very good times, when our occasional outrage was directed toward the social injustices caused by the perpetrators, not the victims. Our whole world has been turned upside down as evidenced by our vitriol toward the “leakers” rather than the evil deeds of the “doer”.
    My mother taught me that this sort of thinking would lead to the total collapse of our ‘rule of law’.
    Today, I am thankful for my mother’s teachings, and while wishing all the mothers out there a
    I hope that they find it in their hearts to remember the teachings of their mothers, and pass them on.

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