$50,000 for the removal election and still counting

Last June I did not think passing around recall petitions was a good idea. I thought it was a fool’s errand – disruptive and doomed to fail.

However, I am a strong, some say overly-aggressive, defender of owners’ rights. I just hate it when people with power abuse ANY owner’s rights, but especially if they use dirty tricks or create an uneven playing field and make the little guy pay the price. 

That’s what’s happening here now. The opponents of the removal election are making owners pay way more than we should, and they are trying to get us to blame the wrong people.

All the tens of thousands we will be paying for this removal election (above the less than $10,000 cost of an annual election) could have been avoided if the GM hadn’t blown me off by not even acknowledging my July 20 email:

Sandy Seddon didn’t answer me. Why should she? She knew that there was no one on the Board except me that cared one whit about maintaining the independence and neutrality of the Election Committee. Quite the opposite, she knew that she had the votes to approve anything she wanted to do make the removal election process difficult.

Who decided that these actions were in the best interest of owners?

Now, SCA owners are obligated to pay a bungling CPA firm $20,000 for the work done through September 30 no matter how poorly it was done. We will be on the hook for maybe triple that amount because their errors or omissions are significant enough that a second recall ballot may need to go out with Bob Burch’s name added to it.

Who made the decision to take away the Election Committee’s job?

Who decided that it was in the owners’ best interest to use an attorney and a CPA for the removal election when the attorney in five months is already billed $150,000 – FOUR times the $37,500 budget (In just September the attorney billed $43,873 and the CPA who replaced the volunteer Election Committee billed $20,000)?

Did I mention that there was:

  • no RFP for a CPA,
  • no approved CPA contract,
  • no Board approval to change the Election and Voting Manual,
  • no budget authorization for the CPA, and
  • the CPA has made so many mistakes that there might have to be a second removal ballot?




7 thoughts on “$50,000 for the removal election and still counting”

  1. Where there is no standards or accountability and you can’t prosecute bad actors with gross or criminal negligence, you have actions like this which would bankrupt most organizations. Guaranteed those who squandered tens of thousands of dollars of homeowner funds over this election debacle wouldn’t have done so if it was their own money. Unfortunately, based on the HOA organizational structure, owners can’t fire,or prosecute referenced bad actors. What a mess😩😩😩😩😩😩

    1. You are right. Any recall election faces almost insurmountable hurdles, and this one probably would have failed anyway without the extreme degree on tampering and interference. But if you follow the money, you can see that the attorney and the GM went way too far to protect their gravy train. There will be a much different annual election in 2018. That’s the change that can be prepared for. That’s when new people, untainted and un-beholding, such as yourself, should consider running. I am developing a new page for the blog dedicated to Board training presentations by NRED and others to help people prepare. We need to build a deeper bench of people with good values.

  2. This, in my opinion, was done intentionaly. The envelopes should have said Ballot enclosed or important do not destroy. We were also told the ballots would be going out on Oct. 9th, they were sent out earlier so no one was looking for them yet. Also where did they get their info on home owners as it seems it was all wrong. If someone makes a mistake & signs the same petition more then once, count once not dismiss all of the signatures. This will show many more people signing for removal then previously noted also Bob Birch has more then enough signatures to be on the removal ballot. I am, in my opinion, sure Sandy knew of all this after all if a new board is elected that runs things the right way she would be reined in and maybe the board would be in charge instead of her, as should be. Also with our many signatures for no confidence in her she may end up being told she and the other over paid staff are getting an across the board pay cut because of all our added expenses, mostly caused by her & the board, in my opinion. You need to be reinstated immediately and the Ombudsman needs to take charge, this needs to be done before more cost & damage is done in our community. Maybe a new board would not feed info to a blogger here that shouldn’t have any more rights then any other home owner. This is just my opinion.

    1. You nailed it. I can’t think of a manager in my career who got as many negative comments from customers during the first year on the job as Sandy Seddon has. That’s probably because they would have been fired before the second year was up. It is mind-boggling that she has such control over the other Board members. She is paid close to double what she should be making, and I don’t think she is worth keeping had we paid her half what she’s making. I could make a list as long as my arm of all the things she is doing or not doing that do not measure up to a “Meets Standard” rating for a GM in my book, and when you look at what she did to get rid of me and to try to avoid an owners’ revolt getting rid of her protectors, it’s beyond belief. Had it been in my power, I would have fired her on the spot last July, a week before this election interference issue even came up.

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