2020 Court hearings Part 1

August 11, 2020 hearing before Judge Susan Johnson

12/3/20 NODP notice of dismissal with prejudice

12/3/20 order is being appealed in NV Supreme court case 82294

8/7/19 Nona Tobin’s A-19-799890-C Complaint

8/13/ 19 Nona Tobin’s filed Notice of Lis Pendens

Three Recorded Lis Pendens that Judge Johnson expunged by 12/3/20 order

“Said cancellation has the same effect as an expungement of the original order”

Judge Johnson’s way of giving Joel Stokes, Sandra Stokes, Jimijack Irrevocable Trust, Brian Chiesi, Quicken Loans, Inc., a get-out-of-jail-free card by erasing the property record that shows they all recorded title claims adverse to Nona Tobin while three of her lis pendens were on record.
2019081400030848/14/19 15:16LIS PENDENS
2019081400030838/14/19 15:16LIS PENDENS
2019080800020978/8/19 16:00LIS PENDENS

6/3/20 Nona Tobin’s 1st Amended Complaint

7/20/20 Nona Tobin’s opposition to motion to dismiss and joinders

Red Rock’s motion to dismiss was joined by all defendants

6/23/20 Red Rock Financial Services motion to dismiss Nona Tobin’s claims pursuant to NRCP (b)(5) (failure to state a claim, non-mutual claims preclusion, res judicata) and NRCP (b)(6) (failure to join the HOA as a necessary party pursuant to Rule 19 “to protect its interest in the excess proceeds”)
8/3/20 Red Rock Reply in support of its motion to dismiss

Red Rock’s motion to dismiss was joined by all defendants even though ALL the attorneys knew what they were saying was false.

Joseph Hong’s joinder and motion to sanction Nona Tobin for filing the complaint misled Judge Johnson

6/25/20 Joinder Joel A Stokes, Joel A Stokes & Sandra f. Stokes, and Jimijack Irrevocable Trust, Jimijack Irrevocable Trust
 8/3/20 RIS annotated Hong reply to support motion to dismiss and motion to sanction Tobin per EDCR 7.60 (1) &/or (3)
8/3/20 RIS Hong

9/6/20 OGM Judge Johnson’s sua sponte order to sanction me per EDCR 7.60

9/6/20 Order to sanction annotated
order granting Hong $3,455 as EDCR 7.60 sanction Hong’s EDCR 7.60 (1) and/or (3) $3,455 sanction for filing my A-19-798990-C complaint is being appealed in NV Supreme Court case 82094

6/25/20 Joinder Nationstar Mortgage LLC

Nationstar is judicially estopped from claiming it ever was the beneficial owner of the Hansen deed of trust

Link to “Nationstar Mortgage’s Fraud

7/6/20 Joinder Quicken Loans, Inc., Brian & Debora Chiesi

7/6/20 RFJN Quicken Chiesi   Request for Judicial Notice was duplicitous    

 7/6/20 RFJN pages 1-4 lists the documents Brittany Wood requested the court notice. Brittany Wood’s complicity with the fraud will be addressed in the next episode.

8/11/20 court reporter’s transcript

8/11/20 minutes